Rachael Taylor’s The Art and Business of Surface Design


Today my work is being shown on Rachael Taylor’s blog as part of a showcase of graduates of Module 1 of her online course “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.” Her series of classes are fantastic, inspiring and in-depth. Having this website up and running is my best testimonial to the motivation her online classes provide.

Module 1 focuses on pattern development while Module 2 transitions to the professional side with trend research, development of pattern collections, copyright and other legal issues etc. Then Module 3 delves completely into the business end including licensing, participation in trade shows and manufacturing.

I found out about her classes after Module 1 had finished, so I jumped in with Module 2 and then took Module 1 and 3 at the same time. My work was also shown for the Module 3 Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design showcase.

Design Wall Monday

Vicki W tie-dye starsYou may have noticed that some quilter’s blogs feature Design Wall Monday. I don’t really use a design wall and am using it instead for inspiration. These are tie-dye patriotic stars from Vicki W. I am repairing the last QOV quilt I made, but it is taking forever. When I saw these stars I decided to move forward instead of backwards and make a new QOV and feature four of these stars on the back. Like driving, it oddly feels more like progress if you move forward for twice as long as it would take you to just turn around.

Of course, I live in an alternate universe to productive individuals like Vicki because she has already made a quilt from her stars. Here is my progress… On the left, you may be astonished by the technical difficulty of set in y-curves, but be assured that I merely made the wrong cut for the first round of the diamond log cabins. So I started over. The photo on the right shows successful completion of two bands of white around the red center.

And in case you don’t understand how the universe works, every step backward in my alternate universe ensures that productive people make two steps forward. So today was a very good day.

Spoonflower geometric design contest

Crescent owls, green and burgundy, spoonflower submission

This is my submission to Spoonflower’s weekly fabric design contest. This week’s challenge was to make a geometric design using the two specified colors of green and burgundy. And if you happen to see owls within the swirls…well…

If you would like to vote for my submission or any of the other wonderful designs, hop on over to Spoonflower’s contest page. My submission is called crescent swirls by tommyandjimmy.